Having worked as a Recruiter for two and a half years in the city of London I had learnt a thing or two about job markets, HR managers, CVs and interviews. Not wanting this brain space to go to waste I have decided to start sharing this practical information through the DEVEX Career Matters Blog.

DEVEX is the world’s largest network of international development professionals and the number one portal for job seekers in the field. As I contribute to them I will update this page with links to articles. Some will be visible to all, others will require you to set up a membership account.

I hope you find this useful and good luck to you if you are searching out a career doing good!

“The Dreaded 2 Page CV: For Seasoned/Senior Aid Workers”

“How To Write a Resume: Tips for Seasoned/Senior Aid Workers”

“Minding the (Cultural) Gap: Preparing for Cultural Differences in the Global Development Recruitment Process”, 30th January 2012

“Finish Strong: How to End a Job Interview on a Positive Note”, 2nd December, 2011

“Prove you’re the right fit: My Cheat Sheet for Job Interviews”, 8th November, 2011

“Interview Tips: Winning on Your Weaknesses”, 1st November, 2011

“How to Network your way into an Aid Internship”, 4th October, 2011.


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