I believe Development is everybody’s business. I believe we all have a valid role to play in our societies. I believe that the role we play and the actions we take begin with knowledge and understanding.

Development talk has for too long been dominated by economists and seemingly complex esoteric theories that put great conceptual distances between our lives and those who make policies that affect us. The Development Roast is therefore my attempt to make Development an easily digestible topic that can speak to lay as well as the aware and the curious reader.

One development bite at a time, The Development Roast will give the subject of international development a proper roasting in the hope of generating productive conversations between ordinary people about viable alternatives to the dysfunctional aspects of our human world.

Thank you for looking and happy reading.

Ioulia Fenton

Announcements & Further Information

You can download my personal and professional journey so far HERE.

Download my latest resume here.

I am very proud to announce that in June 2011 the entry on “Against All Odds – An education fairy tale from Guatemala” was shortlisted as a finalist for Blog4Girls competition held by Plan UK and was one of two runners up.

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Photo credits:  African woman: Africa/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Background map: http://sigoya.com/design-typographic-world-map/


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Probably the single greatest blog I have ever read on the topic of food. It’s about time someone came out and said what we were all thinking.

  2. You have a great writing style making complex issues and theories accessbile to all. Great work! Keep it up!

  3. You’re always so positive, putting so much effort into these great projects and you’ve indeed got the skills for writing. I’m proud!

    • RE: ENDOGENOUS COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT.I read your article which was sent tome by a long time firend,Phyllis Davies. Which I have found it helpful and interesting to me. The information confirms and expands what I have experienced dealing with diverse needs of communities when it comes to training on sustainable methods of farming. Endogenous development is the wayforward. Please add me to your mailing list for more valuable information in future.Thank you. Dan Kiprop Kibet.

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